´╗┐Ulta Edge began as a result of my personal obsession to keep my own knife collection sharp and my love of food and cooking. We also realized that home chefs, sportsmen, and many others struggle with dull or poorly sharpened knives.

As you may know, the most dangerous tool in the field or kitchen is a dull knife! So, all working knives should be professionally sharpened. Once elusive and available to only chefs, soldiers and sportsman "in the know," now Ulta Edge sharp knives are available to everyone including the home chef for their kitchen cutlery.

  • We deliver when we promise. Most orders complete within 24 hours or less.
  • You will be enjoying the sharpest knives you have ever used!
  • Let us show you the Ulta Edge commitment to quality and convenience.

In support of those in harms way that keep us safe, all Fire, Law Enforcement and Military members receive special discounts
(contact us for details).

We sell quality knives
Blade sharpening of all kinds
We sharpen knives for schools
and restaurants.

Special delivery service
Drop off or CALL for free pick up and delivery within 5 miles of
Home Depot on Derry Street.


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